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Alumina ceramic disc
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Wholesale Alumina ceramic disc

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OD: 11.5mm---32mm

ceramic discs Features:

1.The frictional times is 300, 000 to 500, 000,

2.Density :3.6~3.7g/cubic centimeter,

3.Rigidity is 84~86 HRA,

4.The thickness tolerance is less than 0.02mm, the diameter tolerance is less than 0.02mm,

5. Satisfy various technical request

6. Lower medium spoilage

6. Good insulation performance and high temperature resistance

7.Stiffness texture

8. Used in all electric products and electric heating products

9.OEM, ODM and OBM are welcomed

Alumina ceramic disc is a good solution to the problems of high corrosion and high solid content wear in soda production process, especially in the salt water and distillation process, ceramic valve core destroyed any kind of corrosion and wear resistant alloy material of the valve core, so that the ceramic valve plate has become the most ideal valve core material so far.

Static and dynamic, static is equipped with four hole on, they are cold, hot water inlet and outlet, respectively, on a chip of the adjacent two section two layers inside and outside ring belt, as a group, and the other two are also two layers inside and outside ring belt, become another group, two groups of hole with a diameter of symmetry, move on, there are two symmetrical concave cavity in diameter,Each cavity on the moving piece can cover the two through holes corresponding to it on the connected fixed piece. When the moving piece rotates along the axis of the fixed piece on the fixed piece, each cavity on the moving piece can connect or close the two through holes corresponding to it at the same time to realize the double switch and throttling of cold and hot water.

Note: the ceramic disc spool is used in the water mouth, there is a moving disc and a static disc in the valve, the ceramic disc spool is wider than the ceramic disc spool, you can try the ceramic disc seal, can also be a ceramic ball seal.

ItemTest ConditionUnit Symbol95% Alumina Ceramics99% Alumina Ceramics99.7% Alumina Ceramics
Flexural strength20° CMPa (psi x 103)358(52)550550
Compressive Strength20° CMPa (psi x 103)2068 (300)2600(377)2600(377)
Fracture ToughnessK(I c)Mpa m1/24.55.66
Coefficient of thermal expansion25-1000° C1X 10-6/°C7.67.98.2
Coefficient of thermal conductivity20° CW/m °K163030.4
Thermal Shock ResistanceTc°C250200200
Dielectricity constant1MHz.25°C/
Dielectric strength/ac-kV/mm (ac V/mil)8.3 (210)8.7 (220)8.7 (220)
Volume Resistivity100°Cohm-cm> 1013> 1014> 1014

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