Main production of fire assay crucible,Graphite crucible,Silicon carbide crucible.Also  accept OEM and ODM.


Silicon carbide ceramic tube/pipe/rod/bar



Silicon carbide has excellent properties such as superhardness, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, chemical resistance, and super oxidation resistance. As a structural material, it is widely used in industrial fields under severe conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, radiation, and abrasion, such as mechanical seals, high temperature heat exchangers, high temperature ceramic radiation burners, high load and long life kiln furniture, and aero engines Combustion chamber, nuclear fuel cooling reactor coating materials, high temperature gas-cooled reactor lining materials, ceramic engine parts, etc.

Silicon carbide tube has low coefficient of the thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity rate and perfect thermal shock resistance.It could be used in high speed thermal impact environment for many times. Silicon carbide  has the performance of high strength and good thermal impact resistance. It can be used in the severe environment (such as high temperature, corrosion, erosion, etc) for long term.Silicon carbide  is ideal material for ceramic industry, widely used in hightemperature kiln.

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