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The space distribution of magnetic flux density in the working area of magnetic separator is designed. Survey materials and results. The influence of the structure of the magnetic system on the magnetic field topology is studied, and a new design of the disk separator is carried out Proposed by the author of the paper.

what is alumina disk | XTL

Why is alumina disk ?

In this case, the adjacent coils that form the spiral with its spacing also maintain the same distance. Through this configuration of the magnetic systemCleaning the working surface of the disk from the extracted ferromagnetic inclusions greatly simplifies the process of unloading them without stopping the separation process. Fig. 1 shows the fragmentation of the spiral disk separator system containing four ring magnets, indicating the main design parameters :--air gap; a--

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Magny separator [Disk magnetic separator. Patent UA, no. 110206, 2016. (Ukr). Received 21. 01. 2017 Juraj Gerlici (1)Professor, doctor. Ing. , I. A. Shvedchikova (2)Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, I. V. Nikitchenko (2)Graduate student, J. A. Romanchenko (2)Graduate students ,(1)University of Zilina, Slovak ina, Slovak Republic, SK 01026 Slovak ina, Slovak Republic, Tel 421 (41)513 2550, e-mail: juraj. gerlici@fstroj. uniza. sk (2)

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Gornyi Zhunial, 20045. (Rus). Available in :S. Nedelcu, J. H. P. Watson. Magnetic Separator with transverse magnetized disk permanent magnet. Mineral Engineering, Volume 1, May 2002. 15, no. 5, pp. 355-359. doi: 10. 1016/s0892-6875(02)00043-2. Shvedchikova I. A. , Zemziulin M. A. Study on the magnetic field distribution in disk separator with spiraltype system. Electrical and energy-saving system 2013. 2(22), part 2, pp. 18-24. (Rus). Shvedchikova I. O. J. Roman piano. A.

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