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Since UV Flexo printing is slightly thicker than traditional ink, high quality doctors-when testing proofing in the laboratory-bladed hand-In order to apply the ink of consistent film weight and color density to the substrate, proofreading is necessary. The use of UV Flexo Ink, advanced Rhine technology, such as controlledstress steady-State density measurements provide more information about ink performance than simple flow cup measurements.

Here's What People Are Saying About alumina substrate | XTL

Why is alumina substrate ?

Features on the reported stamps (1-4). For the traditional hot press printing process, driven by an pneumatic cylinder, the substrate is directly pressed through the hot plate of the press (5)Hydraulic cylinder (6), Or linear screw/motor unit (7). There are inherent problems in pressing the substrate with hot plate, such as uneven pressure distribution, shrinkage, limited stamping materials, etc.

alumina substrate Application

\"Optimal water coverage on alumina: the key to generating Lewis acid --Base pair for C-reactionH bond activation of methane. \"AngewChem. Int. Ed. , 50 (14)3202-3205 (2011)(36. )Hess, A. Kemnitz. , E. \"Surface acidity and catalytic behavior of modified zirconium and titanium oxides. \" Appl. Catal. A. Gen. , (2)373 389 (1997)(37. )Kailasam. K. NatiIe. MM. Glisenti. A. Mueller, K.

Features and Usages For alumina substrate

Decoration equipment can handle various products from small and medium-sized parts (Cover, tube, Cup 28mm)To 20-big partsgal pails. Shapes include cylindrical, tapered, rectangular, oval, and others. KAUMAGRAPHMulti-colored silkScreen equipment functions for marking, identifying and decorating a plastic substrate assembly or assembly. The secondary finishing operation includes: film, flat cutting, punching, lamination, molding, die cutting and assembly.

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